All members are allowed to join recreational/free play sessions. Recreational members are not allowed to join training sessions.


Recreational/free play

During the regular period of the season which in general is September-June, every member of the US Badminton can participate in the recreational play on Mondays at Amstel Campus , Wednesdays at Universum Campus and Fridays at Bajekswartier Hall.

In General we play on the following times:

  1. AMSTEL CAMPUS (Monday) – 18:00-19:30 Hrs (6 Courts) | 21:30-22:30 (3 Courts due to training) | 22:30-23:30 (9 Courts)
  2. UNIVERSUM CAMPUS (Wednesday) – 18:00-18:30 (9 Courts) | 18:30-19:30 (5 Courts) | 19:30-21:00 (9 Courts)
  3. BAJEKSWARTIER CAMPUS (Friday) – 18:00-22:00 (9 Courts)

The timings stay updated on the home page of the website in upcoming events section.

House Rules

🛠️ Court Setup and Cleanup:

  • Court Preparation: Set up and dismantle courts collectively. This includes poles, nets, shuttle cleanup, and equipment storage.
  • Efficient Court Usage: When three or more courts are unused, help clear them. Distributing this task ensures that individuals playing on the remaining courts are not burdened with unnecessary cleanup. Move the current played games in such a way so those who stop playing can start cleaning up.
  • Community Effort: Encourage all members to participate in keeping the facility tidy. This includes focusing on cleanup during the last 5 minutes of the session or whenever there’s an opportunity. Avoid leaving the responsibility to only a few individuals. If three or more courts are unoccupied, commence cleanup, don’t leave.

🏸 Shuttle Usage and Maintenance:

  • Responsible Shuttle Use: To save on club expenses, use shuttlecocks until they’re unsuitable. Don’t switch to a new shuttle before it is used up.
  • Returning Shuttlecocks: After use, kindly return shuttlecocks in good condition next to the tube so that others may use them. Avoid placing them in the tube from the opposite direction to prevent potential damage when retrieving them.
  • Limit New Shuttle Usage: Bring only one new shuttle per court; leave spares by the tube for others. If two shuttles are present please walk back and leave a shuttle next to the tube.
  • Worn Shuttles: Worn shuttlecocks can be used for training(in the box); unusable ones can be thrown away.
  • Warming Up: Always use used shuttlecocks for warming up.

👟 Footwear Requirements:

  • Non-Marking Indoor Shoes: Wear clean non-marking indoor shoes on the court. Additionally, do not use your badminton shoes outside!
  • Prohibited Shoes: Outdoor and marking-soled shoes(usually black soles) are not allowed on the court; change them in the locker room. For information about correct shoes check the website.

🏛️ Hall Usage:

  • Footwear: Do not bring your outdoor shoes to the court floor(change them in the locker room before going inside the hall), The only exception is during competition when visitors are watching the games next to the court. (Shoe’s need to be clean)
  • Locker Rooms: Use designated locker rooms for changing clothing and shoes. Do NOT change inside the hall.
  • Hall Closure: Play ends 5-15 minutes before hall closure (hall-dependent). All players, including those finishing their games, are expected to help clear the hall. Please stay on-site to help if you recently finished your final match and it’s almost time to call last service. Everybody shares the responsibility to help!

👫 Bringing a Friend:

  • Trial Process: Non-members, including friends and family, need to go through the trial process. Non-members without appointments will be turned away.

🎾 Court Rules:

  • Two Sets Only: If six or more players are waiting for a court, players are not allowed to play a 3rd set. Players who ignore this will be warned and requested to wait longer for their next turn. Other players may approach and request them to stop the set.
  • Double/Mix Format only: To maximize availability to our members, singles matches are only and exclusively permitted when no more than 1 player is waiting for a court.
  • Avoiding play area’s: Please avoid walking within or even close to the court lines while it’s being used by players. Don’t disturb games and be patient when there’s not enough room to walk.

🏃 Court Entry and Fair Play:

  • No Running to Courts: Running to a court is not allowed when multiple groups are waiting to play. Players must assess who has been waiting the longest or has played the fewest games at that moment.
  • Equitable Play: We all share the responsibility of ensuring that everyone gets a fair chance to play. Those who rush to the court should not play more games than those who take a more patient approach by waiting their turn.
  • Inclusive Play: We value inclusivity, and it’s appreciated if players on the sidelines help by giving others a chance to play.
  • Court Crossing Rules: Players should not cross between courts unless a rally on one of the courts has just concluded. Only cross the courts swiftly once a rally has finished. Keep in mind that a rally begins as soon as players are ready to serve, so kindly wait patiently and avoid crossing during play.
  • Proper Waiting Area: Players waiting for a court should stand on the entrance side of the hallway. It’s not allowed to wait on the opposite side of the hall or near courts in between to ensure fair and organized turn allocation.

🎒 Bags:

  • Clear Benches: Bags should be kept off the benches to ensure more seating space for players. This allows everyone to sit and rest comfortably when needed. Place bags in areas that do not obstruct walkways or inconvenience others.

Fair Play and Respect:

  • Fair Play: At US Badminton, we uphold the principles of fair play. We do not engage in cheating, whether during recreational or competitive play. Our commitment is to play our games honestly and fairly.
  • Resolving Disputes: In cases of disputes or disagreements(Like, in or out), we encourage players to seek a middle ground and consider going for a “let”(play the point again) to ensure a fair and harmonious playing environment.

Final Remarks:

  • Contact the board: In case of any issues, please contact one of the board members or seek assistance from a member of the ground support team. Contact information can be found in the newsroom WhatsApp group or other details in the “About Us” section on the website.


Summer badminton

In between the closure of the current season and beginning of new season (July-Aug), we facilitate summer badminton for our existing club members at a provided location, once a week.

  • All regulations during recreational play apply during summer badminton.
  • Shuttles are not provided by club during Summer Badminton. Players have to bring their own shuttles.