Competition & Training


Only members having either competition or training membership type can join the training sessions.

TRAINING GROUP A  | (Monday, Amstel Campus) | US BC1, US BC2, US BC3, US BC4
TRAINING GROUP B  | (Monday, Amstel Campus) | US BC M1, US BC M2, US BC M3
TRAINING GROUP C | (Wednesday, Universum Campus) | US BC6

  • One can only attend the session belonging to training group assigned to him/her.
  • No one can move by themselves between training group, only trainer & CCP decides your assigned group or transfer within group.
  • To attend a different session for one time, one needs approval from CCP well in advance.
  • For any information regarding training, please contact [email protected]



During the competition period of the season which in general is September-March, the formed teams play their home & away matches in their corresponding league of the Bondscompetitie of Badmiton Nederland.

Home games are always on Saturdays at Amstel Campus from 19:00 hrs onwards.

  • All competition players must report 30 mins before.
  • All competition players must help in setting up the courts before.
  • When there are no more matches in your row of courts and they are not needed anymore, you are required to remove the net, poles, etc.