About US

We are a club of 160+ members of different play level ranging from Beginners to Advanced. 

Our practice sessions are divided into 2 categories –
a. Training
During Competition Season [Sep-Feb], we have Trainings for Intermediate and Advanced Groups on Mondays and Training for Beginners on Wednesdays provided by our acclaimed Trainers.
The training focuses on strength, agility and badminton training focused on improving the movements, shots and gameplay in general.

b. Recreational / Free Play
Throughout the season, during Recreational/Free play, the members play the games in the random groups irrespective of the level. If there are not enough members for the available courts, one can go for singles game else we prefer it to be double so as everyone in the badminton hall have equal opportunities to participate and play freely.

We have multiple teams participating every year in the National Competition (Bondscompetitie) which runs generally from September to February. We have participating teams both in Mixed format as well as Men’s Only format from 8th Regional Class (Beginners) till 4th National Division (advanced).