Training & Play

We expect each member of the club to comply with the below rules & regulations-

    • You will wear non-marking indoor sports shoes. If your shoes stain the floor you are not allowed to play and you might be chargeable in case of any fine imposed on the club for the markings on court.
      Want to know about non-marking indoor shoes- Check THIS
    • If you are bringing any of your friends or acquaintances for the club trials, please do so only after getting it confirmed from the secretary.
    • Club Racquets are primarily available for new trials and surely can be used by new signed up members in case of availability, but the club does not have to mandatorily facilitate racquets to new members. The Members need to bring their own racquets.
      *Looking for new Equipment, check our trusted Badminton Equipment Sellers in the Contact Page
    • For any concerns, queries or communication to the Playing Hall authorities, you can contact the Board Members present , please refrain from individual communication and proceedings.


During the Competition period of the Season which in general is September-March, every member of the US Badminton can participate in the training sessions which are categorized and handled by different trainers.

  1. Advanced Level – Amstel Campus – Monday – Trainer (Mike Van Daal)
  2. Intermediate Level – Amstel Campus – Monday – Trainer (Mike Van Daal)
  3. Beginners Level – Universum Campus – Wednesday – Trainer (Wiby Agung Nugroho)
  • Timings of the Trainings for the Upcoming Weeks are always up to date on the website.
  • Training has a fixed number of slots which cannot be reserved in advanced.
  • Competition players have a preference for the Training Sessions in case of higher number of people than slots at the scheduled start time.
  • Advanced and Intermediate Level are divided based on the Competition Teams and Trainer Inputs, as a new member or non-competition member, your training level will be determined by the trainer. 
  • Movement between different training groups  only happens after the trainer puts that forward.
  • Advanced and Intermediate Trainings happen at Amstel Campus on Monday in 6 courts.
  • Beginners Training happens at Universum Campus on Wednesday in 3 courts.
  • One can attend only one Training session per week , and must attend only the training allocated to him by CCP (Competition Players) or Trainers (Non Competition Players).


During the Regular period of the Season which in general is September-June, every member of the US Badminton can participate in the recreational play on Mondays at Amstel Campus , Wednesdays at Universum Campus and Fridays at Bajekswartier Hall.

The timings stay updated on the website.

  • During Re-creational play , Double Formats have to be played, singles can only be played if courts remain empty without anyone waiting on the sidelines.
  • If there are 6 or more people waiting on the sidelines for a game, only 2 sets of 21 points have to be played.
  • After the completion of your game, return to the general waiting area and wait for the next availability of court.
  • While moving out, take care of not stepping into any other courts and wait at the court gallery until the ongoing rally is finished in that particular court.
  • Please stop the play at least 5-10 minutes before closure time and everyone has the responsibility to clean the courts and help in packing.
  • Please do not take more than 2 new shuttles from the waiting area to the playing court and after the completion of game, please return unused new shuttle back in the waiting area.


During the Competition period of the Season which in general is September-March, the formed teams play their home & away matches in their corresponding league.

The HOME matches are always on Saturday and are played at Amstel Campus from 19:00 Hrs onwards.

The schedule for the home matches during the competition, will stay updated on the website calendar.

  • For a home match you have to be present 30 minutes beforehand to set up the courts together.
  • After your match, make sure your court/equipment is cleaned up.
  • The team captain will prepare the shuttles for the team prior to the match.


Please respect the general rules released by the Dutch Government, which apply to everyone.


In between the closure of the current season and beginning of new season (July-Aug), we facilitate summer-badminton for our existing club members at a provided location , once a week.

  • This is additionally chargeable session and not included in Regular Annual Membership.
  • One have a choice to opt in or opt out.
  • Shuttles are not provided by Club during Summer Badminton and have to be brought by own.
  • All regulations during Recreational Play implies during Summer Badminton.