Coronavirus Information

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have guidelines to follow to ensure a safe playing environment for all. To begin with please respect the general rules released by the Dutch Government, which apply to everyone.
A reminder of these below:

COVID-19 General Rules

  1. Distancing outside of the courts

    Please remember the 1,5m social distance rule applies at all times outside of the courts. This includes ‘waiting-time’ between games (especially during free-play hours), and applies in the changing rooms and everywhere else in the sport-halls.

  2. face mask

    Our training locations require the face-mask be worn at all times inside the facilities, until the start of the sport activity.

  3. Washing your hands

    Reminder that this rule is still as important as before: be sure to wash your hands properly (longer than 20 seconds) according to protocol when you use the restrooms or come inside the sport-hall (disinfectant is provided at all our locations).

  4. Staying home with symptoms

    This is the most important one to respect:
    Please do not come to training or free-play if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. The most common symptoms are:
    – Cold symptoms (such as a nasal cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat)
    – Coughing
    – Shortness of breath
    – Elevated temperature or fever
    – Sudden loss of smell and/or taste (without nasal congestion)

The complete set of rules to follow for hygiene and general measures against COVID-19 can be found on the RIVM’s website . The Dutch badminton federation has also released a set of guidelines for players to follow which you can find here (in Dutch).

The USC, who we rent the halls from, also have a set of additional house rules to follow (for all training locations), which can be found via this link . The latest information on corona measures within USC can be found on this page .

For new members and current members :
We currently require that you sign-up for training and recreational play, in order to limit the amount of people simultaneously coming to play. If you are interested in joining the club and want to come for a try-out, please contact us through the form on the website so we can sign you up. If you are already a member and don’t have access to the sign-up sheet, please send an e-mail to our secretary .
* Sign-Up no longer required from 16th August.

For competition & Amstelcampus Hall :
Competition teams visiting us (and players coming for training or recreational play on Mondays) should know the Amstelcampus sport hall also has its own set of rules which you can consult here . We also have two important pieces of information for visiting competition teams:

1°/ The changing rooms are available to use, with a limit of 5 people at a time . This means that, if you don’t need to use the changing rooms, please don’t hang out in them. There are 2 men’s changing rooms and 2 women’s changing rooms.

2°/ We do not have the space in the cafeteria to properly apply the corona virus guidelines of the federation. As such we cannot offer the usual ‘after-competition drinks’ to our opponents. Providing the situation improves, we hope to be able to host these again circa 2021.