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Every year in May, 5 members get the chance to lead the club into the future, when they will form.. the board. Every member is encouraged to be part of the crème de la crème and sign up for a year at the top.

Minor issues are discussed over email or WhatsApp, and board meetings are held about every other month to discuss and decide over current and future issues. Usually these issues are put forward directly by members; their input is always essential. If you have something that you think needs attention, mention it to one of the board members, or send us an email.

The recurring topics that are part of the board's duties are divided over the 5 board members:

The board

Thomas Houwers: secretary
(Member administration, point of contact for (new) members)

Nils van Kleef: CCP
(competition matters: competition contact person)

Edwin Arts: treasurer
(Financial affairs)

Kayla Ho: chairman
(External affairs, coordinator, woman-that-knows-how-to-get-things)


Mike van Daal
Thomas Houwers
Stefan Hiemstra
Benjamin Go
Chi Leung Cheung

Committee members

Activities committee
Dominique Twisk
Laurien Groenewoud
Thomas Houwers
Tom Hilgerink

Shuttle management

Tom Hilgerink

Treasury committee

Koosje Nijendijk
Renske van Geffen
Coen olde Hartman


Koosje Nijendijk
Kayla Ho
Dominique Twisk
Niels van Kampen

ISBT committee
Mark Rijsdijk
Looking For Volunteers

We are always looking for volunteers, so if you want to contribute, contact US!

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