If you can't beat US join US!

A large share of US Badminton members play in the regional or national competition. Our club hosts about 9 teams of varying level between fifth class regional up until the fourth division national.

The competition runs from mid-September to the end of January. If your team ends up first in your poule, you'll have the honour (and duty) to play a championship tournament in February.

US Badminton plays its home games on Saturdays between 7pm and 11pm in sports hall Amstelcampus. On which days the away games are played depends on the opponent.

Every game consists of 2 mens singles, 2 ladies singles, 1 mens double, 1 ladies double and 2 mixed doubles. We usually have 1 or 2 teams in the mens competition, featuring only mens singles and doubles.

Open Team Championships (OTK)

The OTK is a competition running from the end of January until mid-April. We usually participate with about two teams, which usually form naturally in a bottom-up approach. The OTK is a nice way of continuing competitive play into the season's second half, but in a less competitive mode; OTK matches do not affect your ranking. Home games are usually played on Mondays for the OTK.

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