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Cooperation between USC and US

As of August 2015 US Badminton will work closely with USC to provide badminton at the locations Amstelcampus and Universum. For a full overview of our offerings check the page Play with US 

US will be the only party to organise badminton at sportcentre Universum. If you wish to play on Mondays at the Amstelcampus and Wednesdays at the USC you must sign up as a member with US, no further fees to USC are required.

Information for Wednesdays nights at USC Universum

  • You can use the available plastic shuttles. If you prefer to play with feather shuttles, please bring your own.
  • There is a new traininggroup on Wednesdays from 7.30pm to 8.30pm.
  • Finally, if you are a former USC member, please register once through this link. If you are a US player visiting USC on Wednesdays, please register once at the USC counter in the Universum sports hall, mentioning you are a visitor from US Badminton.
During the summer US badminton takes a break. The sporthall will be closed on Mondays and Fridays. 
There will be summerbadminton organised on wednesdays starting July 6th. Playtime will be from 19.00 to 22.00 hours. The cost will be €5,- and everyone is welcome. So bring your friends!
Keep an eye on our calendar, we will provide more information for next season regarding playtime, location and training.
Where: Sportcentrum Universum, Science Park 306 Amsterdam
When: wednesdays starting from July 6th 2016
Cost: €5,-
Hope to see you there!

Our technique trainings are really hitting off! Every Monday from 7.30pm to 8.30pm you can learn a new stroke or impove it at our themed technique trainings, with a different stroke and a different specialist every week. Upcoming themes:

  • Monday 19 January: Drive service
  • Monday 26 January: Backhand drop

Have you got suggestions for new themes you'd like us to organise, or do you want to demonstrate a stroke to interested players? Just contact us and we should be able to arrange it.

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Upcoming Events


  1. Free play 21:00-23:30

Monday, May 1st

  1. Cancel membership deadline -
    • If you are thinking of leaving US Badminton, please cancel your membership by addressing a member of the board (NOT the trainer). If you do so after May 1 you are obligated to pay the contribution for the next season.

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  2. Free Play 18:30-23:30
    • Start time: 18:30
    • End time: 23:30
    • Where: Amstelcampus, Tweede Boerhaavestraat 10, Amsterdam
    • Tentative court schedule

      F:Free play

      Slot Type of play : # courts
      18:30. F:6
      19:00. F:6
      19:30. F:6
      20:00. F:6
      20:30. F:6
      21:00. F:6
      21:30. F:9
      22:00. F:9
      22:30. F:9
      23:00. F:9
      23:30. Drinks in the canteen

      * The start times of groups A and B switch weekly.
      A = from 1st class regional upward
      B = up until the 2nd class regional

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Wednesday, May 3rd

  1. Free Play and Training 18:00-21:00
    • Start time: 18:00
    • End time: 21:00
    • Where: Universum, Science Park 306, Amsterdam
    • Tentative court schedule

      F:Free play

      Slot Type of play : # courts

      19:30F:4 T:5
      20:30 F:9
      21:00Drinks in the canteen

      Traininglevel = up until the 2nd class regional

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Friday, May 5th

  1. ISBT 2017 19:00-:00
  2. Free play 21:00-23:30